CMX blank database file download

The file attached below is a new blank database for use with the LILIN CMX software.

This is useful if all the IP Camera's / NVR's need to be removed from a CMX configuration and reinstalled. This means you do not need to remove all the camera's manually. This is especially useful on larger systems.

To import the new / clean database in to cmx, follow the guide below.


1) Download the attached .xml file from the bottom of this article or here.

2) Open the CMX DB manager, this can be found under "Start --> All Programs --> Merit LILIN CMX Software HD 3.6 --> Database Manager


 3) Once DB manager is open you will see the import and export DB icons at the top.


4) Select the relevant option either import / export.

5) Once import db has been select, direct the browse window towards the .xml file downloaded in step1. This will now overwrite your existing database with the new blank version.

Once CMX is launched again this will open with a completely clear CMX camera screen.

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