When installing my new system my NVR loses network connection when i plug in my VDO22

This issue is cause by an IP conflict between the two devices.

Both the NVR's and the VDO22 come with the same default IP address pre-programed.

There are multiple ways to overcome this:

  1. Unplug the VDO22 from the network and reboot the NVR. Once the NVR has been rebooted, please change the default IP address on the NVR. Once the NVR has saved its new IP address you can once again plug in the VDO22

  2. Another option is to temporally unplug the NVR from the network. Reboot your VDO22, log in to this device and change the IP address away from its default. Once this has saved, it is safe to plug your NVR back in.
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