How to activate live audio on an NVR Touch

Live audio is available to all channels on the LILIN NVR Touch series recorders. To hear live audio, you must display the channel in full screen. When the NVR is in its multi-way display no audio will be broadcast, this is applicable to both local monitor output and web browser.

To activate audio for channels on the NVR follow the guide below.

Web Browser

Log in to your LILIN NVR and select 'Configure' from the menu on the left.

Once in the configuration menu select 'Record Settings' --> 'General'. Live audio is activated by selecting the desired option for each channel.


Local Monitor

To configure audio from the local monitor of the NVR, enter the setup menu by selecting the 'Cog' in the top left of the screen and selecting 'Setup' from the options bar.

Once in the setup menu, select 'Record' from the left hand menu. In record, select the desired camera, using 'Camera Select' and then active the audio option as required.


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