Internet Mode - Increase slow camera refresh rates when connecting via a low bandwidth connection

If you are connecting to a LILIN NVR and are experiencing slow update/refresh rates of your camera images the most common causes is low available bandwidth through the internet or network. If this bandwidth cannot be increased LILIN recommend using 'Internet Mode' when connecting to your device.

To set your browser and NVR to 'Internet Mode' log in to your device as normal. On the multi-way display, 'right click' and select 'Internet Mode'.


Once the 'Internet Mode' has been selected the NVR will change the display to a 4 way split window. This will lower the bandwidth used by the NVR as it is no longer broadcasting all the camera images.


To change the multi-way display to display the next 4 camera's on the NVR, click the 4 way multi-way button highlighted in the image below.


To get the NVR back out of 'Internet Mode' right click on any window and deselect 'Internet Mode', then select the 16 way multi-way display and the NVR will show all the camera images again.


If you do not un-tick the 'Internet Mode' you will not be able to display more than 4 camera's at a time.



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