How to disable the NVR Touch HDD file system err, do file system check (Port xx)

To disable the NVR Touch file system check warning message you will first need to update the NVR firmware to version 1.0.54 #2824 or above. The firmware update can be found on the link below.

NVR Touch Firmware Download for the NVR-116, NVR-109 and NVR-104

A guide to updating the NVR firmware can be found below:

USB firmware update guide

Web Browser firmware update guide

Once the update has been sucessfully applied to the NVR Touch you will need to log in to the unit via the NVR's web browser and select 'Configure' and then 'System Status'.

Within the system status menu you will see the following option:



Click the dropdown box and select 'Off' then click submit.

This will now disable the file system error check warning message.

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