L Series firmware update from 1.0.xx to 1.4.36 and above

To update your L Series camera to 1.4.36 you must first ensure your camera is running firmware version 1.1.20. If your camera is running a higher or lower version of firmware, this will need to be changed to 1.1.20 before the update can commence.

Once your L Series camera is using firmware 1.1.20 you can then update the camera to firmware 1.4.36

To download the correct files for your camera, use the files found on the link below

L Series Camera Firmware

Once your camera has been updated to 1.4.36 you can then update directly to the most current release.

***Additional Note***

If your L Series camera is using firmware 1.1.32 or higher you must backdate to 1.1.20 before you can update to 1.4.36

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