Testing a LILIN IP camera RTSP Stream using VLC

To test a LILIN IP camera RTSP Stream using VLC, please follow the guide below.

Download and open VLC Media Player.

Once VLC has opened, select 'Media' from the bar at the top.

Next select 'Open Network Stream' from the menu list. This is where you will enter the details needed to test the RTSP stream.


The above images has an example of a LILIN streaming RTSP code, you will need to replace the <IP Address> with the correct IP address of the device you wish to connect to and test.

E.G.  rtsp://


Use the RTSP Code document found on the link below for different stream information.

LILIN RTSP Streaming Codes

Once the correct URL has been entered, click 'Play'. This will now connect to your camera on the requested stream output resolution.


Once the stream has connected, to bring up further information of the stream, press 'Ctrl+I' and then select Statics.



Attached below is a basic video showing the process documented above.

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