What microphone do LILIN recommend using with my IP camera?

LILIN do not specifically recommend a particular microphone to use with your LILIN IP camera.

However the microphone you will need must be an Active / Powered microphone outputting a Line level signal.

Microphones usually come in 2 types:

1) Active or Powered microphones which output a Line Level Signal

2) Passive or Non Powered microphones which output a Mic Level Signal.

If you attempt to use a Passive microphone you will experience issues with your audio quality and volume. This is because a Mic Level signal is not an amplified audio signal therefore the signal being sent from the camera is not strong enough to produce a suitable audio signal when it reaches the audio recording/listening destination. This means you will either hear no audio at all or a very faint audio signal.

A reliable way to test audio transmitted from a camera is to test it using a device with a headphone output such as an MP3 player. You can connect an MP3 player to the camera's microphone inputs and transmit the output from the MP3 player to the recording/listening device. This method will provide a stable Line Level signal from the MP3 player allowing you to test both the audio transmission and recording. If you then attach your microphone and receive different results then the microphone doesn't look to be outputting the correct signal type.

***Additional Notes***

LILIN UK have tested the 3rd party microphone on the link below and its performance was very good for a low cost microphone.

Microphone (This link is for reference only)

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