Remote Access / Remote Connection Configuration Guide Using a Web Browser

Before opening any ports to any device, ensure it is no longer using the default password, failure to change the password may result in unauthorised access to this device with potentially unknown consequences.

Please be aware that this process is very difficult for LILIN to advise on, due to third party manufacturer equipment being the main focus of this process.

This document is a very simple guide demonstrating the basic process of allowing remote access to a LILIN device from the internet. Unfortunately due to the nature of this process we cannot provide a more detailed guide because every router uses different terminology and requires a different process for opening ports to allow remote access.

This guide assumes you have already taken some preliminary steps and have already installed the LILIN device, given the device a valid local IP address and have been able to access the device successfully on the local network using a web browser.

1) Add the correct network Gateway and DNS IP address to each LILIN device you wish to allow a remote connection too. The Gateway and DNS IP addresses are usually the internal IP address of the router your equipment is connected too e.g.

If you have a LILIN NVR / DVR within your security system, this will be the device to which you will want to configure remote access too.

To add / edit the Gateway and DNS IP address simply log in to your LILIN device, select 'Configure' / 'Setup' and then select the 'Network' option.


2) Open the correct ports in your router/firewall for your device:

The LILIN default device ports are:

NVR / DVR - Port 80 & 3100

IP Camera - Port 80

Not sure how to do this, see How do i open a port in my router?

3) Find out your sites external IP address:

To find out your sites current external IP address click How to check or confirm your current external IP address

4) Now you have successful opened the required ports in the firewall, the link below will help confirm that the ports have been opened correctly and that the device is now accessible:

How do i check if my ports are open correctly in my firewall

5) The next step is to configure a DDNS account on just ONE LILIN internet connected device. This will create a memorable URL to remotely connect to your CCTV system and negates the need for a static IP address.

LILIN recommend configuring your DDNS account within a LILIN NVR / DVR if one is being used in your CCTV system, if not, it is recommended to use the LILIN device with the lowest IP address.

For help on creating a DDNS account click and follow the DDNS Configuration Guide 


6) You should now be able to access your online LILIN CCTV System by opening a web browser and typing your newly create DDNS address in to the address bar.


Optional Step:


7) Configure remote viewing from any Apple IOS and Google Android Device.

Before clicking the link below search 'LILINViewer' on either iTunes or Google Play and download the latest version of the LILIN Viewer App.

LILIN Viewer Mobile App - Adding an NVR to the LILINViewer App

(The demonstration video uses the Apple IOS version of LILIN Viewer, screenshots may differ slightly on the Android version but the process is identical)

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