LILIN Backup video file types

Below is a list of file all the different backup video file types used by LILIN DVR’s and NVR’s.

Depending on the model of DVR/NVR that a video backup is taken from the DVR/NVR will encode the video backup to a LILIN proprietary file type, unless specified to use the common .AVI file format in the backup process.

These proprietary video backup files are encrypted and cannot be edited or amended. Making them the first choice of file type for downloading and securing video evidence.

File List

File Type LILIN Unit
.H64 / .L64 or .AVI DVR 3,5,7 & 8 Series, NVR Touch Series, NVR L Series, NVR 3 Series, NVR 5 Series
.MP4 DHD 3A & 5A Series
.MP4 or .AVI Navigator Software
.LMP PDR 6160, 6080 & 6040
.DAT PDR 6160, 6080 & 6040 - Special Player Required
.IVS PDR 004
.DVR PDR 2160 & 3160

To download the relevant player for your video file follow the link below:

DVR/NVR Playback Software

If you have selected to use .AVI you may require a Codec to review the video using a windows based PC.

To download the required Codec follow the link below:

Xvid Codec



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