Why do I need to use a Gigabit switch for my LILIN CCTV system, 10/100 should be enough?? - Switch throughput and speeds explained

Useful terminology information:

Mbps = Megabits Per Second
MBps = Megabytes Per Second

When using LILIN HD IP camera's with a LILIN NVR Touch each camera connected to the NVR provides 2 streams, the 'Primary stream' is the SD resolution stream and the 'Secondary stream' is the HD resolution stream.

The default values for these streams are:

HD - 3072 Mbps
SD - 1024 Mbps

Total: 4.096 Mbps

If we convert 4.096Mbps to MBps (megabytes per second) the result is: 0.512MBps

It is important to note that network switch speeds are measured in Mbps so a 10/100 switch runs at a maximum speed of 100Mbps not 100MBps. This means an average 10/100Mbps switch has an actual throughput of approximately 8 - 11MBps per port. This number is generally lower than most people calculate a switches throughput to be. This is due to TCP/IP overheads which are inherent and estimated at consuming approximately 10-12% of the ports listed Mbps speed, other protocol overheads my also greatly increase this number further.

If you have an NVR-116 with default settings the total bandwidth the NVR will be using is:

65.536Mbps this converts to 8.192MBps which is at the very top of the 10/100 switches maximum throughput.


The total throughput of a Gigabit switch in MBps is: 125MBps

This is why it is vital you plug your NVR Touch in to a Gigabit network port.


Due to the bandwidth numbers being so close to a 10/100 switches maximum throughput an NVR will work with all the camera's connected but issues will be experienced, these could include:

                Loss of smooth live video images

                Camera's showing video loss randomly

                Camera's being rebooted remotely by the NVR

                Breakup of live video images

                High latency on live images


To confirm if a network port is the correct speed or operating at the correct speed, please follow the guide here.

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