SD Card Video Review and Backup Guide

To download a file recorded to an SD card on a LILIN IP camera simply log in to your camera using Internet Explorer (if possible) and select setup in the top right hand side.

Next select ‘Notification’ from the top bar of the camera’s setup screen.

From the bar on the left select ‘SD Card Backup File’.

This will now load a screen with a folder list, these folders are the dates of the recorded video currently on the SD card. Select the day you wish to view video from.

Once the day has been selected the menu will expand and show a list of all video files recorded that day. The menu also includes ‘Play’ and ‘Stop’ buttons. Once a file is clicked a video playback window will start playing the selected file.

If you wish to download a section of video, simply ‘Right Click’ on the video link and select ‘Save target as’ and select the location to save the video.

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