Time and Date not displayed on an DHD504A / DHD508A / DHD516A Series Hybrid

If you have added cameras to your DHD 5A Series hybrid NVR and only some are showing the time and date on the image see below to resolve the issue.



Any LILIN AHD/DHD camera add to a LILIN DHD DVR should automatically display a time and date overlay in the top left hand corner of the camera image.



If you are adding a LILIN IP camera to the DHD 5A Series Hybrid NVR in order to get a time and date to display you will need to enable the timer OSD from within the IP camera menu. This will overlay the time and date directly on to the camera image meaning the time and date will always be visible regardless of being in Live display mode or Playback.



To enable the Timer OSD, simply log in to your LILIN IP camera and click 'Setup' in the top right hand side of the cameras Live Display. You will be taken to the cameras 'System' menu. Under the system menu, enable 'OSD Timer.



You will also need to adjust the time and date so they are correct. To do this, from within the 'System' menu select 'Timer' from the bar on the left. You will be taken to a screen where you can set the correct time and time zone for the camera. You can also enable NTP and set information for the camera to automatically adjust to daylight saving.




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