DHD504A / DHD508A / DHD516A Series Configuring Push Notifications

The AHD DVR series support push notifications. It is recommended to update the DVR to the latest version of firmware and then follow the brief guide below.


Enter the DVR's menu using either the web interface or the local mouse and monitor.

Right click and then select the ‘Cog’ icon from the bar across the middle of the screen.


Select ‘account setup’ and configure a new user with the correct level of privileges required.


Please ensure ‘Enable’ is ticked and all the required options for your user are ticked.



Next select go back to the DVR main menu and select ‘Event Setup’.


This is where you select which notifications you wish to receive. The most common will be ‘Motion Detection’.




Once these setting have been configured, open the mobile app.

(This guide assumes the mobile app is already set up and working correctly)

On the mobile app, connect to the DVR. Once connected select ‘Control’ from the categories at the bottom of the app. Now select ‘Notify’ and ensure the notify option is active (When active the notify button should display in a gold colour).


Once this has been changed, go back to the DVR and back into the ‘Event Setup’. Now select ‘Notification Setup’ from this screen, you will now see a pop-up window with all the apps that have had the ‘Notify’ setting activated. Select the devices you wish to use push notifications on.


You should now receive push notifications on motion detection alarms from the selected and correctly configured cameras.

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