Change an NVR's Auto Configuration IP Range issued to IP cameras

The range used for auto configuration is set the in 'Advanced' Network menu.

As default, the IP range used is 192.168.XXX.XXX


To change the auto configuration range, log in to the NVR and navigate to Network --> Advanced --> TCP/IP

You will need to change the IP address and subnet in the '1st IP address' section.




If you would like the cameras to be auto configured with specific IP addresses, change the IP address in the '1st IP address' section to an IP address 1 digit below the first cameras starting IP address.


If i wanted my cameras to have the IP address - 204 i would set the NVR Advanced IP address to



Please note, ALL IP address entered in to the NVR MUST be available on the network and not used by another device, otherwise an IP conflict will occur.

When changing the IP address in the 1st IP address section, it is recommended to use the IP Test feature to confirm that the IP address you would like to use is available.

Simply change the IP address and press the 'IP Test' button. This will test the IP address availability, if available, click 'Apply' at the bottom of the page.





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