DHD504A / DHD508A / DHD516A Series JPEG URL

The URL below is used to get a JPEG image from a DHD series DVR, this URL will not stream a JPEG stream but will show you a JPEG image from the DVR.

http://xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/m.html?ch=xx     -    The channel started based 0 for channel 1.

It is possible to get the JPEG image to automatically refresh by adding the following to the URL

?ch=0&rf=1 - 1 second refresh

?ch=0&rf=3 - 3 second refresh

?ch=0&rf=5 - 5 second refresh

?ch=0&rf=10 - 10 second refresh

An example of a full URL would be

The above URL will display camera 1 with a 3 seconds refresh.


The URL above will request a JPEG from channel 6 on the IP address of

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