NVR Firmware Update via Web Browser Guide

NVR Web Browser Firmware Update Guide

This short guide shows the simple process to update your NVR to the latest firmware version using the NVR web GUI.

  • Download the latest firmware for your NVR from the link below:


  • Extract the downloaded .zip file to a memorable location. You will need to submit the .bin file to the NVR in a later step.

  • Log in to the NVR that requires the firmware update.


  • When logged in to the NVR select ‘System’ from the left-hand menu bar. Next select the ‘Maintenance’ tab from the top menu bar.


  • Select the ... icon and select the extracted .bin file from step 2.

  • Next click ‘Update’. The NVR should ask you to confirm you want to start the firmware update process. Click ‘Submit’.


    The NVR will now start the update process and display a countdown timer on screen, when the countdown timer reaches zero, the NVR should be online and available to log in to.


    If the NVR is not available please wait another few minutes before trying to log in again.
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