Video Backup via LILINPro

Below is a short guide showing how to take a video backup using the LILINPro app.

LILINPro is designed to take short video backups of single cameras, if long video backups are required it is best to use the NVR or camera web GUI for SD cards.

LILINPro can back up both live and pre-recorded video. The LILINPro app backup is a WYSIWYG style backup.

On the live video and playback video in the app you will see the following icons:

video-backup-icon.jpg Record / Backup video icon
Still-image-icon.jpg Snapshot / Still Image Grab


Where ever you see these icons in either Live view or Playback, means the video being displayed can be captured.

As the backup from LILINPro is WYSIWYG the first step is to find the required footage, below is a link to a playback guide to assist with this.

LILINPro Playback Guide

Once the incident has been found and start and end time have been noted, using the playback guide above, starting playing the incident back from approximately 10 - 30 seconds before the incident occurs and press the video-backup-icon.jpg icon.


Watch the incident in its entirety and allow 10 - 30 seconds after the incident has finished.

Now press the video-backup-icon.jpg again. This should now stop the video recording to your device.

A message should appear on the screen showing the location the recorded file has been saved to.




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