How to configure a LILIN IP camera for SD card recording

The first step will be to check that your LILIN IP camera supports an SD card and then to install an SD card in to the camera (this is camera specific). Please see the manual provided with the camera for detailed steps of how to do this.

Once an SD card has been fitted in to the camera, the next step will be to format and activate the SD card so the camera can use it.

To do this, log in to the IP camera and select ‘Setup’ from the top right hand side of the screen.

Next select ‘Notification’ from the red bar across the top of the camera’s browser.

Next select ‘SD Card Service’ from the bar on the left.

You should now see a screen like below, you will see that the SD card recording option is currently greyed out, you will need to select ‘Format’.

A pop-up box will appear confirming that you wish to format the SD card installed within the camera, select ‘OK’.

You will then see a countdown timer whilst the camera formats the SD card.

Once the countdown timer gets to 0 the original page will reload, you should now be able to select some of the radial box options. You should also see information about the installed SD card, check that the ‘SD Card Total Bytes’ is approximately the same as the installed SD card.

Next you will need to select the ‘On’ option for ‘SD card Recording’, this will now allow the camera to write to the SD card.

It is recommended to turn the ‘SD Record OSD’ to ‘On’, this shows a visual indicator as to the status of the SD card when you are viewing the camera live image. For more information on this click here.

If you want to continuously record 24/7 to the SD card, then select ‘On’ for ‘SD Recording Continuous’.
For an estimated continuous recording time based on the size of your SD card, click here

Next click 'Submit' and this will save all the changes and start SD card recording immediately.


The guide above shows how to configure your camera for continuous recording to an SD card, if you want to record only motion events to the SD card, follow the guide here.

A guide to reviewing recorded footage and backing up recorded from an SD card installed in a camera can be found here.


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