How to update existing CMX / Navigator Software to a newer version

1) Check to see that the operating system you are going to load the Navigator software on is a 64bit operating system.

2) Once its been confirmed the PC OS is 64bit, download the latest version of Navigator from the link below:

Navigator Software Download

3) Close the existing software and take a backup of the CMX/Navigator database, using the instructions found on the guides below:

CMX Database Backup Guide

Navigator Database Backup Guide

4) Uninstall the existing CMX / Navigator software using Windows Control Panel

5) Install the downloaded version of Navigator software.

When the software first runs, it should pop up with the on-screen message shown below, select ‘Yes’.


If the software does not prompt you to import the previous camera configuration, use the Database Restore guide below:

Navigator Database Restore Guide

6) The software should now load and be usable.

Leave the software running for 10 - 15 minutes and check playback and system functionality.



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